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The Hartwell Lake News was founded recognizing the need for information for new and often out-of-town homeowners on Lake Hartwell.

Today our publication is still one of the best information sources for people living on the lake. Another purpose developed over time, to provide businesses the opportunity to make themselves known and to advertise their products and services to our readers.

Our newspaper is free to the public and is direct mailed to over 16,000 home and property owners and residents of lake front property on Lake Hartwell. Our readers are located in over 42 states and six foreign countries, not to mention the six counties that surround the lake in Georgia and South Carolina.

In addition to the mail outs we distribute over 14,000 newspapers to local businesses around Hartwell Lake and along interstate I-85 between Atlanta, GA and Spartanburg, SC.
With the publishing of Hartwell Lake News on the Internet we try to reach even more interested parties and to become a resource for everybody, local residents, boat owners and those just enjoying the lake for a couple of hours.

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  • Articles about the lake, fishing, boating, real estate and more
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  • Introduction of Marinas
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  • Real Estate and Home Sales
  • All the lake related ads and information in the current print issue of the Hartwell Lake News

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