2013 Print Edition Archive

Hartwell Lake News print edition archive for 2013:

Hartwell Lake News Fall / October 2013

Download PDF here: 2013 HLN Fall/October Edition (7.2 MB)

  • Cleanup Campaign Builds Character by Sawyer Martin
  • Corps, States, Nature Conservancy kick-off 2nd interim of Comprehensive Study
  • Repercussion of Government Shutdown on Corps Operated Parks by Susan Martin
  • The significance of water supply in the SRB (USACE)
  • New Venue Opens with Historical French Doors – The Oaks Wedding Venue
  • Business Builds Quality Customer Relationships by Susan Martin – S-TEC Building Solutions
  • New Dental Offi ce Opens in Convenient Location – Lakeside Family Dentistry
  • Nautical-themed Cards support Boat U.S. Foundation
  • 2013 Fishing Tournaments on Lake Hartwell:
  • Fishing forecast – Summer to Fall by Preston Harden
  • Hartwell Lake Recreation area open to hunters
  • DNR honors 2013 Law Enforcement Officers of the Year
  • Water Safety is Important for Lake Recreation by Susan Martin
  • Motorists need to watch for deer on state roads
  • Boating Safety by James R Rudy, US Coast Guard

Hartwell Lake News Summer / July 2013

  • Download PDF here: 2013 HLN Summer/July Edition (8.5MB)
  • Freestyle Water Competition Coming to Lake
  • Agpro Expands to Four States
  • The Legend of Nancy Hart
  • Progress of adaptive Application in the Savannah River Basin
  • Savannah River Basin Joint-State Caucus
  • Georgia DNR Unwraps Birthday Fishing Bonus For Boat Owners

Hartwell Lake News Spring / April 2013

  • Download PDF here: 2013 HLN Spring/April Edition (7MB)
  • 35th Lake Hartwell Run by Ray Chandler (Page 1)
  • Sanctuary Pointe plans has both sides of Hartwell Lake giddy (Page1)
  • Cool Comfortable Outdoor Living by Susan Martin (Page 7)
  • Green Pond project fi nally to get underway by Ray Chandler ( Page 9)
  • New pumping station on Hartwell Lake economic boon, no danger to lake (Page 9)
  • For the Sake of the Lake, Lake Hartwell Association (Page 20)
  • Anderson County Sheriff’s Lake Patrol Annual Report for 2012 (Page 20)
  • Lake Hartwell Association Challenge Elected Officials (page 21)

Hartwell Lake News Winter / January 2013

  • Download PDF here: 2013 HLN Winter/January Edition (6MB)
  • Sanctuary Pointe green light all but assured (Page 1)
  • Corps looks at lake level, new Keowee deal could help Hartwell (Page4)
  • Drought response thick through winter (Page 4)
  • Lake Hartwell Association (Page 12)
  • Update On EPA’s Supplemental Remedial Investigation of PCBs (Page 18)